Rich Miller
CEO, Telematica & Managing Director, Cumulati

Rich Miller is CEO of Telematica Inc. and Managing Director of Telematica's consulting practice in product strategy and business development for cloud computing, web-scale platforms and networked services.  For the bulk of his career, he has focused on messaging technologies, middleware and distributed application platforms, first as a system architect and then as a business strategist and operating executive.  He is a frequent speaker on cloud computing, and participates in a number of industry initiatives dedicated to cloud system interoperability.

Since early 2011, Rich has served as the CEO of StreetLight Data, Inc. (formerly Virtual Vehicle Co.), an emerging data-as-a-service company focusing on the ground transportation ecosystem. From 2007 through 2009, he served as CEO of Replicate Technologies, a provider of network configuration management software that supports virtual machine environments (VMEs).  Prior to Replicate, he co-founded and served as COO of Univa Corporation, which provides high performance ('grid') computing and datacenter management systems.  As a venture consultant and product strategist at Telematica, Rapport Communication and Breo Consulting, he has overseen the formation and funding of technology companies that provide security applications, wireless network infrastructure technologies, and service infrastructures for networked services. Miller served as the executive vice president of General Magic’s communication technology business unit and its vice president of business development.  A Silicon Valley veteran, Miller designed and implemented some of the first computer messaging and computer conferencing systems for the ARPAnet and was an active member of the international standards community which established the basis of the modern electronic mail industry.  

He has founded or been in the initial team of executives of several technology startups, including InfoMedia Corporation, Rapport Communication, General Magic, Telematica Inc., Breo Consulting and Univa Corporation. Miller has been a lead consultant for both technology and commercial projects that develop new lines of business for AT&T, IBM, Palm Computing, and NeuStar.  He graduated with a B.A. in political science and an M.A. in information science and communication research from Stanford University, where he also undertook doctoral studies in information science.