Moving along with Squarespace
Sunday, November 28, 2010 at 8:30PM
Cumulati in Web

It was with some real trepidation that I took on the job I've been putting off for so long … reinstating a website for Telematica, and then the job of setting up an associated blog from which I would not run screaming when I had the urge to write. After wrestling with Typepad for two days, only to emerge with a mediocre result on the blog and an unmanageable construction for the website, I came to the conclusion last night that I was facing the inevitable -- learning Wordpress and going off to eLance to find someone who, for a price, would pull it all together and convert the old blog.

While listening to NPR's RadioLab during a bout of insomnia last night, I noticed that one of their supporters (aka advertising sponsor) is Squarespace. Before I dozed off, I grabbed the iPhone and made a note to check it out. This morning, after 45 minutes reading their materials and watching a few of the video tutorials, it looked like it might be worth a try.

On both counts -- setting up a website and a blog -- Squarespace has made this a pleasant experience. I've been able to easily import a couple dozen blog posts from the past year into the new blog. (I really have NOT been writing. ) I like the way this is starting to look, and with any luck I'll have the website and new blog ready to turn up tomorrow evening. So far, so good.

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