A Decision Tier for Data Capture Networks
Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 10:48AM
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I'm a big fan of Adron Hall and understand the nature of this piece. But, I respectfully disagree, at least to the initial premise.

So I’ve been in more than a few conversations about data structures, various academic conversations and other notions about where and how data should be stored. I’ve been on projects and managed projects that involve teams of people determining how to manage data so that other people can just not manage data. They want to focus on business use and not the data mechanisms underneath. The root of everything around databases really boils down to a single thing – how can we store X and retrieve X – nobody actually trying to get business done or change the world is going to dig into the data storage mechanisms if they don’t have to. To summarize,

nobody actually gives a shit…

At least nobody does until the database breaks, or somebody has to be hired to manage or tune queries or something or some other problem comes up.

The point at which I take exception is when considering data collection and distributed data processing in conjunction with the Internet of Things (IoT) and, particularly, Industrial Internet.  Frankly, I have not yet encountered any group (commercial, open source, ...) to whom I can attribute a complete grasp of the IoT topologies required for efficient (intelligent) data acquisition and its retrieval or analysis.

That said, I fully agree that, once understood, the questions of where best to place data and the rise of the Intelligent Data System is our objective.

What would happen if the systems storing the data knew where to put things? What would be the case for providing an intelligent indexing policy or architecture at the schema design decision layer, the area where a person usually must intervene? Could it be done?

A decision tier that scans and makes decisions on the data to revamp the way it is stored against a key value, geo, time series or other method. Could it be done in real time? Would it have to go through some type of processing system? The options around implementing something like this are numerous, but this just leaves a lot of space for providing value add around the data to reduce the complexity of this decision making.

Thanks, Adron, for mooting the notion of a 'decision tier'.  I'm planning on using this mercilessly in my contemplations of Data Capture Networks (DCNs) for Industrial Internet.


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