Is Hybrid Cloud a Coping Strategy for 20th Century Vendors
Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 7:05AM
Cumulati in Cloud Computing, Cloud Economy

Interesting analysis from the FT subsequent to the release of Gartner's latest Cloud Magic Quadrant:

Companies such as VMware and IBM, having initially turned their noses up at the idea that they needed to build public clouds of their own, are racing to add this as an option. They cling to the hope that “hybrid clouds” are a halfway house that play to their strengths, as customers look to move their IT workloads seamlessly between their own systems and “overflow” networks operated by others.

Much of the money to be made in this new world comes from the software needed to manage the more complex infrastructure. Yet the high ground of cloud management software only has room for a handful of players. Meanwhile, the profit margins in technology markets – in server, networking and storage hardware, and in the software on which these machines depend – face remorseless compression.

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