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VMware and AWS - Is this the road to hybrid cloud?

After being away on holiday for a few days, I came back to see this article, quoting Raghu Raghuram of VMware making some interesting statements about AWS, and implying that there's more going on in the background than most of us imagine.  OK… but no credit unless and until we have hard announcements, and full credit only when we have production services.

VMware and Amazon clouds: not as far apart as you think — Tech News and Analysis:

VMware EVP Raghu RaghurIn an on-stage Q&A with Gartner Analyst Chris Wolf, Raghuram also reminded attendees that vCloud Automation Center — based on VMware’s DynamicOps acquisition — already lets them deploy their VMware virtual machines to AWS.
“That’s a significant component of our on-prem solution today and we’ll continue to enhance that. Our goal is to enable our customers to take full advantage of hybrid cloud with choice. OpenStack is one dimension of choice and being able to deploy to multiple clouds is another dimension of choice,” he said.
The bottom line, he added, is that customers want to “deploy applications based on well-defined governance and policy rules to any one of multiple locations — it could be AWS, it could be Azure, it could be vCloud Services, it could be your on-premise data center,” said Raghuram, executive VP of cloud infrastructure and management. He leads VMware’s software-defined data center push.