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Gravity and the Interest Graph

An interesting look at the use of big data, particularly semi-structured data like the twitter firehose, to tease out of an utterance both the nature of the utterance and the interests it ascribes to the author.

The personalized web is just an interest graph away ? Cloud Computing News:

Much as social graphs are maps of our social media connections that follow us across the web, interest graphs are maps of our interests. Some companies want them to follow us across the web, too, meaning that wherever we go, there we are. There?ll be no more need to search through news sites for the stories we want, or shopping sites for the products we want, because the site will know as soon as we hit its system who we are and what we like.

Take a look at the Gravity Labs site for a very interesting, guided tour of how they've used their ontologies to extract 'interest' analysis.