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Time to start … again.

I go through the inevitable phases of blogging:  I have something to say …  I start writing when I don't have anything new to say … I get self-conscious … I then have nothing I'm willing to write … and months go by.  

In point of fact I've had a lot to say, and haven't done a very good job of getting it put in place as something worth reading.  I've also been told recently by Laura Schewel, with whom I'm working at creating an awesome data company that I think too much when I write.  I'll do what I can to rectify that.  

In trying to simplify the organization of my thoughts, notes, research, general collections of mental detritus, I've gone to a much more limited set of tools, most of them simpler.  Simple text editors instead of extensive word processing.  Snippet handlers to automate dates and tagging.  Collections of work notes, call notes, personal journal entries, interesing research all in one kick-ass data base that's replicated to my other machines (and to the cloud) with no overt action on my part.   We'll see if that same kind of streamlining can be used for the 'public' journalling I do (or... want to do ...) here.