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What lessons learned from Linux define the data center OS?

I came across a recent post from @krishnan (Krish Subramamian) that certainly resonates with me.  Taking the learnings of the Linux ecosystem, considering the Data Center OS or the Application OS as a reference architecture and defining environment for our next major technology platform.  

Krish has (with good reason) identified Kubernetes as his candidate.  I'm not totally convinced. Kubernetes must still take its direction from the likes of Docker and Mesosphere, both of which place usability by the target audience as a key to success.  (Face it, Krish … Kubernetes is still too much a deep tech offering, not the liberation from complexity that characterizes Mesos, for example.)  That said, I am absolutely in agreement with the future history he spins, and the nod he gives to Jonathan Murray's Compsable Enterprise Framework.

Read the post.  You'll enjoy it.  And, here's the teaser:

The momentum around Open Container Project and Kubernetes got me thinking about potential correlation to the other open source movement that completely reshaped enterprise IT, Linux Operating System. Though both belong to different technical categories, we can model the current platform landscape using Linux ecosystem as a “reference architecture” for the Data Center Operating System or Application Infrastructure Operating System (depending on whether you are taking an IaaS+ approach or PaaS approach to application deployment platform).

From:  Kubernetes As The Kernel For Data Center or Application Infrastructure Operating System