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Trying out Squarespace

I have to admit that after trying to make Typepad perform a number of unnatural acts, the ease with which I've been able to set up a Squarespace website, with blog included, has been very pleasant.  The proof is yet to be ascertained, however.  I need to place a number of widgets (some only on the blog), and get the look and feel.

Another issue, of course, will be the transfer of the Telematique blog contents over to this site.  So far, however, I'm a happy camper.


What I need is an iPad client for Typepad

I admit to the fact that I haven't done much to keep the blog fresh. Face it... I've been concerned about being just another voice in the cloud computing echo chamber. (That's the grist for a separate post, and much too self-reflective for this crankygram.) But I will also stipulate that since starting with the iPad, I have had the urge to blog, but have found it to be a pain because of two technical shortcomings.

First,when I encounter a tweet, blog post or some piece of web content that stirs my imagination, the nuisance factor of leaving the iPad app, initializing the browser bookmark or app by which to craft the blog post, and then returning to my initial stream of work is just ridiculous. But, I have seen the future... iOS4 on the iPhone makes clear what can be done to bounce between apps without too much loss of context. So, that brings us to the second failing.

TypePad post creating, editing and management ... There's NOT an app for that. At least, not on the iPad. The rather dated iPhone app can be fired up on an iPad, and might be of some value if it were a true universal app... But it's not.

So, the alternative means is what I am doing now.... Using the web-based editor on the TypePad.com site, using the Safari browser which really sucks when trying to use the WYSIWYG editor. It can't. Not really. For example, right now I'm trying to scroll back up to the beginning of this post. #TypePadeditorFail. My only option is to use their Lite Editor. Gaak.

So, it is with some hope and an optimistic point of view that I look forward to the arrival of iOS4 for the iPad, and with less optimism that TypePad (or some brave third party) will provide a decent TypePad blogging & blog management app. Kthxbye.