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Firms Cry Out for 'Optimization'

Whether it's called utility computing, fabric computing (the focus of this reported RBC event), grid computing, the objective of deployment is the optimal use of resources.  An article in Byte and Switch that calls out a number of interesting companies in the space, including Evident Software and PlateSpin, as well as the venerable Platform Computing.

...The reason is clear: Until recently, many companies simply added servers and storage as needed to accommodate the needs of many individual departments and applications, resulting in islands of SANs, servers, and other gear. With IT budgets still constrained, CIOs are now trying to "consolidate and rationalize" what they've got, using new software tools.

These tools are aimed at so-called fabric computing, wherein underlying physical storage devices and computers are made into abstract entities via software, then grouped together into a virtual mass of available resources. The IT department uses this virtual pool to assign storage and computing space to applications and users as it's needed -- the old "utility computing" approach. ...

[Byte and Switch]

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