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Sun's Patent and Licensing Practices Examined

In a previous post, I asked whether anyone had taken the time to go through the CDDL in enough depth that the rest of us could get a grip on it.  Although there's a clear bias in the approaches referenced, Slashdot has identified a number of commentators and some interesting analysis.

Groklaw has an excellent analysis of some Patent Questions About the CDDL. For /.ers who don't like reading a lot, the most important point is that 'it would be possible for developers co-developing Open Solaris to someday find themselves blocked from distributing code by a Microsoft patent infringement claim, while leaving Sun, because of their cross-licensing deal with Microsoft, free to continue to distribute the contributed code.' The article also notes that 'The short answer why [some particular clause] is needed in the CDDL and not the GPL is that Linus Torvalds has not just entered into a cross-licensing arrangement with Microsoft, the relevant details of which are not public'. Makes you wonder what those relevant details are?"

Link: Slashdot | Sun's Patent and Licensing Practices Examined.

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