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Sun to unveil new Grid group, products

Although the headline refers to a Grid group and products, the article in IDG's utilitycomputing.itworld.com site describes a Utility computing services offer and the group chartered to bring it to market.   

What's most interesting is the reference to their work with EDS and CGI Group to deliver utility computing services.  In order to make that work, the Grid fabric needs to be instrumented quite differently, employing the means to account for usage and audit in support of service level agreements.   If the Sun utility group has made progress there, it will be worth digging into.  The question will be whether it's progress that can be used by organizations other than Sun and its direct customers.

The unit has been quietly working since late 2004 to develop a new line of grid-based services. The first of these products, expected to be unveiled next Tuesday, will include a new storage grid product as well as an expanded version of the company's N1 Pay-Per-Use Grid Computing service, which Sun will begin offering on a widespread commercial basis.

The new group is headed by Robert Youngjohns, who already serves as the executive vice president of Strategic Development and Sun Financing. Also referred to as the utility computing group, it was formed several months ago, but next week's announcements will mark its public unveiling, according to Sun.

utilitycomputing.itworld.com - Sun to unveil new Grid group, products.

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