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GPL impedes more than it helps

An interesting 'blog post / article in ZDNet regarding the nature of the GPL license and its effect on Linux adoption.

Link: � Linux: GPL impedes more than it helps | Paul Murphy | ZDNet.com.

In other words, Linux growth didn't slow because of competition - something else must have caused it and we need to understand what that was before we can work up a plan to do something about it.

What I think happened is that when the external pressures driving growth virtually disappeared, the internal impediments to growth became more important. Specifically:


1. GPL and related licensing issues, combined with considerable FUD over patents and copyrights, caused software developers and venture capitalists to think twice before committing cash or established source code bases to Linux solutions;


2. IBM's endorsement of Linux, the SCO law suit in response, and Red Hat's negative market stance as the Sun killing would be Microsoft of the Linux era combined to destroy the automatic assumption among key innovators in the United States that Linux was "the place to be" -eventually moving many of them to the BSD and Solaris camps where they're now driving the fastest installed base expansions in the history of computing.

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