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Oracle buys Finnish open-source developer Innobase

This is interesting.  While Oracle strongly promotes open source and derives big revenue from Linux as the keystone of their OSS strategy, I believe that this is the first acquisition of a commercial offering based on open source.   

What's interesting about this is to compare the acquisition of Innobase, which is presently bundled with MySQL under a GPL license, with the acquisition by IBM this spring of Gluecode Software, a company that offered a low-end, open source alternative application server to IBM's WebSphere line.

In IBM's case, they seem to have been acquiring an inexpensive, OSS offering for the low-end that WebSphere barely touches.  In Oracle's case, I can't help but wonder if this is a way to poison the waters for MySQL by (a) making a competitive offer bundled with Oracle, and (b) using the GPL "viral" license to their advantage with MySQL customers.

Link: Oracle buys Finnish open-source developer - Computerworld.

Oracle Corp. scooped up another small technology maker on Friday, announcing its acquisition of Finnish open-source database technology developer Innobase OY. Financial terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

Helsinki-based Innobase, is the creator of InnoDB, an add-on storage engine for MySQL. InnoDB is distributed under the open-source GNU General Public License. The software is bundled with MySQL though a contractual agreement that comes up for renewal next year; Oracle said it expects to negotiate an extension of that contract. ...

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