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Tight squeeze for mobile TV

As if my mobile telephone service wasn't bad enough...  The premise, however, is that 40 percnet of the subscribers decide to use their phones for mobile TV.  I know  that I'd find watching TV with a screen size like that on my phone would not be very satisfying.  That said, I can easily believe a rather stunning uptake on mobile TV, and will be waiting to see if there really is a degradation of service.

Link: Tight squeeze for mobile TV | Tech News on ZDNet.

According to a recent report from Analysys, an independent research group in the United Kingdom, capacity on a third-generation, or 3G, wireless network could be exceeded as early as 2007 if 40 percent of subscribers view even eight minutes of video per day.

"Streaming video consumes 10 times the bandwidth over a network that voice traffic consumes," said Alastair Brydon, one of the authors of the report. "So watching 10 minutes worth of video per day will have a significant impact on the network. Right now, the 3G networks are empty, so it's not a problem. But if the service proves popular, then it could be a big problem." ...

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