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IBM acquires DataPower

While I was away, IBM announced the acquisition of Datapower.  This is the beginning of a spate of acquisitions in the XML-security realm that will make a number of VCs I know very happy.  There are probably two, possibly three more of these that will take place in the next nine months.   After that, the companies left unacquired will be putting together a new twist on their XML strategies in hopes of finding a different exit.

Link: IBM acquires DataPower.

Privately held DataPower makes integration and security appliances for processing XML and Web services traffic -- a portfolio IBM says will help its customers with their efforts to deploy service-oriented architectures (SOA).

DataPower's current products include the XI50 Integration Device, which streamlines SOA infrastructures; the XA35 XML Accelerator, which offloads XML processing; and the XS40 XML Security Gateway, which helps provide message-level Web services security.

... IBM is acquiring the sales leader in the application-oriented networking market -- and a company that already has a solid relationship with IBM's software, hardware and services groups, he says.

DataPower is among a handful of companies to focus on processing high volumes of XML traffic with requisite connectivity, security, integration and acceleration features built into its wares. ...

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