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IBM inks deal with VMware for virtual desktops

And, speaking of VMware, last week's announcement of the VMware-IBM deal that will result in the IBM Virtualized Hosted Client, may have some interesting effects.

My concern on the transition to remote desktop solutions is whether, by itself, the cost and the return on investment is sufficient to warrant the move.  There needs to be a more compelling, strategic approach which provides corporate IT with a no-brainer decision.  (Some of the same concerns are voiced in the article by Gordon Haff at Illuminata .)

Update: In looking at the eWeek article covering the IBM-VMware virtual desktop deal, I noticed that there's a third party involved - Citrix.

Centrally located blade servers running VMware's virtual machine
technology will house the critical components—such as the memory and
processors—and data, which desktop users could access from a desktop
device via Citrix's Presentation Server.

Link: IBM inks deal with VMware for virtual desktops | InfoWorld | News | 2005-10-19 | By Ephraim Schwartz.

... The client infrastructure will give datacenters the capability to use IBM’s BladeCenter technology to create an average of 12 to 14 virtual desktops per blade. A  BladeCenter chassis contains 14 blades that can be linked to hundreds of additional BladeCenters, according to Juhi Jotwani, director of Blade Center and X Series Solutions at IBM.

The VMware software creates multiple virtual machines so that users can run multiple desktops with multiple operating systems. ...

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