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IBM's New WebSphere Challenges JBoss

It's interesting to see how the "big dogs" are embracing open source software to give little back to those OSS "upstarts" that seem to be nipping at their heels.  There's Oracle buying up Innobase, ostensibly to both compete with and take away a resources from MySQL.  And, as I believed when I first heard about IBM's acquisition of Gluecode, it's now time for IBM to deliver a low-end Websphere-compatible solution, based in great part on open source, and capable of having a dampening impact on JBoss (they hope).

Link: IBM's New WebSphere Challenges JBoss.

IBM announced Tuesday a new member of its WebSphere application server family: the WebSphere Application Server Community Edition.

WAS CE (WebSphere Application Server Community Edition) is built on the Apache Software Foundation's Geronimo open-source application server and includes code from Gluecode Software.

IBM acquired Gluecode last May.

WAS CE also includes IBM's Cloudscape database, which is based on the open-source Apache Derby Project.

The end result is a J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) application server, which IBM means to be a flexible and affordable alternative to traditional commercial software offerings and can help customers begin to deploy an SOA (service-oriented architecture). ...

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