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"Virtual" Change Management

Great idea. I wonder how they test this for "accurately assessing risk" ? The use of discovery and automated analysis to derive dependencies and risks has got to be the really hard part of this. 

I'm not sure I'd call this "virtual change management" so much as simulated change management.

Link: InformationWeek > System Management > "Virtual" Change Management Pitched For Network Admins > October 25, 2005.

Skybox Security is preparing to take the wraps off a new automated modeling solution which will provide businesses with a means to test configuration changes in a staging area in advance of making any alterations to the enterprise itself. Next Monday the security risk management vendor will launch Skybox Assure, virtual staging software for network change and compliance management that promises to help businesses eliminate much of the manual and error-filled nature of change management and replace it with an automated and highly accurate process for assessing the risk potential of possible configuration modifications.

Organizations will be able to test the effect of a change on the network using Skybox Assure and to audit that access and security controls are in compliance with their policies.

“We can accurately assess risk without ever touching the network,” says Ed Cooper, vice president of world wide marketing for Skybox, adding that an organization with 4000 nodes may make literally hundreds of changes in a day. Skybox Assure provides a way for IT professionals to assess what impact those changes would have before they are made to the production network without requiring a lot of time-consuming manual input.

The application gathers infrastructure, access, and security device configurations and evaluates access paths, mapping dependencies between devices, and the potential risk posed to critical assets. Skybox Assure takes applies this data to model the enterprise, simulating connectivity paths in the context of potential risk exposures. IT managers can compare the potential impact of configuration changes against the existing network configuration. ...

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