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Effective description, discovery, and integration

Jon Udell has a good article about UDDI Version 3.  I've never been "deep" enough to understand what the failings of UDDI V2 are.  It's clear from my conversations with the architects in the Grid and SOA worlds that it wasn't sufficient.  So, now, what are the prospects for Version 3?  Is this still short of the mark, or does it provide us with the necessary functionality for a standard approach to discovery?  Anyone out there care to comment?

Link: Effective description, discovery, and integration | InfoWorld | Column | 2005-10-05 | By Jon Udell.

The Rodney Dangerfield of Web services standards is clearly Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration. UDDI don't get no respect. Its original conception -- a global e-marketplace for services -- looks, for now, like a dot-com-era fantasy.

Inside enterprises, however, it does serve as a convenient place to catalog services. And the more extensible information model in Version 3 of the standard has raised hopes that UDDI may yet prove to be the framework on which we'll hang operational and policy controls. ...

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