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Girding for grids

Steve Hamm at BusinessWeek used the IBM-Univa announcement to put in multiple plugs for our business model, grid computing, the Globus Toolkit, and open source software. 

Link: Girding for grids.

With Red Hat, the leading Linux distributor, hitting balls out of the park left and right, it's no wonder that its business model holds attraction for other startups. The latest I have come across is Univa Corp., a months-old Chicago-based startup that's trying to do for grid computing what Red Hat has done for PC servers.

Univa takes the open-source Globus Toolkit, which is used for stitching together vast armies of servers, and packages it as a product suite and service suitable for the needs of large corporations. Univa picked up a huge credibility boost Oct. 3 when IBM adopted the its technology as a core piece of its grid computing offering. ...

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