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Microsoft 2.0

Dan Farber's article on ZDNet, while mentioning the AOL-MSN rumors, seems more to the point of a renovated strategy for Microsoft.  This is, after all, a company that's redefined itself a number of times, in ways that few at the time believed possible.   And for a big company, the ability to move as nimbly assuredly and with purpose as they did when embracing the internet can't be ignored.  It will be interesting to see if it really is Google that becomes the poster child for Web 2.0 and thus the impetus for Microsoft's next redefinition.

Link: � Microsoft 2.0: Combining software and services | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com.

Mehdi added that the recent company reorganization, which combined MSN with the Windows client, server and tools group, was recognition that Web services and parts of MSN are essential to all of Microsoft's software. "Where software meets up with services is a profound thing and it is changing the company," Mehdi said.  So, Microsoft has gotten the message and is now turning its prodigious resources on winning the Web (code for defeating Google and other major players born in the dotcom bubble), as CEO Steve Ballmer said in a BusinessWeek interview. ...

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