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Thinking about "IP Raiders"

Following the seemingly endless court battle between RIM and NTP, I can't help but think about the overplayed Gordon Gecko in the movie Wallstreet.  While he was better remembered for his "Greed is good. Greed works." line, I keep remembering another which (paraphrased) was: I don't work to generate wealth.  I own.

I keep wondering about the impact of companies which acquire intellectual property (IP) for the purpose of buying, selling, and suing.  In conjunction with this country's willingness to patent software, I have this increasingly uneasy feeling that we're going to see more of this behavior in conjunction with the recently re-energized computer technology industry.  It feels like we're about to see a new crop of corporate raiders and traders who wait for a company to make good, only to hit them with the unknown and almost impossible to find proof of IP ownership. Scary.

Link: Court deals another blow to RIM's appeal hopes - Computerworld.

A U.S. appeals court has refused to consider an additional appeal from Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) in the patent-infringement case filed by NTP Inc., Arlington, Va.-based NTP announced today. ...

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