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Three Take-Aways from GridWorld

I really like Brooklin Gore's second take-away from the GridWorld conference.

Link: Three Take-Aways from GridWorld (gridwire.gridtoday.com).

2. Enterprises must become empowered to crack the Grid standards/standards adoption chicken/egg problem. Speaking of broad enterprise applications, many will come from commercial software suppliers. But, ISVs are in a quandary today. If they want to deliver a Grid-enabled application, they have three options: (1) build proprietary Grid capability into the application; (2) cozy up to existing proprietary Grid software; or 3) wait for a standard interface.

The first approach is bad because the ISV builds in additional development and support costs and are likely incompatible with existing or planned customer Grids. The second approach seems to be the most used today but is also bad. It’s bad for the ISV because they become locked into a single Grid supplier and it’s bad for the customer because it can lead to a proliferation of Grid technologies in the enterprise that don’t interoperate. The third approach is bad because ISVs and customers don’t want to wait for Grid-enabled solutions. It appears that the various standards bodies are working more and more effectively together and specific standards are evolving sufficiently. So, the ISVs need to get over the worry about cannibalizing sales by adopting standards and customers need to demand that ISVs get with the Grid standards program.

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