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Why Microsoft Is Going "Live"

The BusinessWeek take on Microsoft's strategy for "Live" software is interesting.  They're treating this as the opening act of another sea change at MSFT, of a scale and with the same importance that their internet move took on.

Link: Why Microsoft Is Going "Live".

There's more in a series of articles in Information week.
Link: Microsoft Making 'Sea Change' In Software Strategy

But, Phil Wainewright doesn't see it in quite the same light:
Let the great Microsoft mash-up begin

Today's announcement of Microsoft's "live era" is a holding operation. It's just like in 1995, when Bill Gates ripped up Microsoft's intended Internet strategy and had it rewritten with barely minutes to spare before the scheduled launch of what became known as 'embrace and extend.'

Now in 2005, Gates and his lieutenants, recognizing the need to pull something out of a hat, have had a quick look around and hurriedly cobbled together whatever they could find to at least give the appearance that Microsoft has something to offer in the on-demand arena. They know that Microsoft has to look as though it has a credible strategy, otherwise investors and employees will start wondering whether they should move their allegiance elsewhere (those that haven't already). ...

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