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Scalent Enters Data Center Virtualization Market

I don't exactly think of Scalent as a "new entry", since they've been clearly positioning for this kind of offering, and have been "in the market" with beta's and proof of concept installations for quite a while.

I would question any uni-dimensional value proposition like "improved utilization" as dangerous.  The total cost/total return calculations need to take into account not only the cost reductions implied by increased/improved utilization, but also the resulting delta in operating, administering and managing the data center after implementing the virtualization technologies.

I don't know the answer in Scalent's case.  For their sake, I hope that it proves out to decrease the OAM costs over time, rather than add to them.  That said, the guys responsible for Scalent are very smart, and very experienced...many of them are graduates of Phone.com.  I'd be willing to take it on the basis of their backgrounds that they know what the appropriate targets are.

Link: Scalent Enters Data Center Virtualization Market.

A new entrant jumped into the data-center virtualization market on Thursday when Scalent Systems Inc. introduced its Virtual Operating Environment, which promises to improve data-center utilization and reduce complexity.

Scalent's VOE tackles three critical facets of virtualization with software aimed at automating virtualization of servers, networks, and storage allocation, says Ben Linder, chief executive and a co-founder of Scalent.

"We can radically raise utilization," Linder says. "Customers are seeing a tripling of resource utilization that provides a meaningful and substantial reduction in the number of new servers they have to add into their infrastructure because they can more effectively and powerfully use their existing infrastructure."

The Scalent software is designed to work with other virtualization products from companies like Microsoft, VMware, and Zen Source to create a true virtual infrastructure that unites all major IT systems into a single virtual fabric, he says. ...

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