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The 5th Annual Year in Ideas

This collection brought to mind the annual Dubious Achievement Awards that Esquire magazine publishes in January of each year.   This, however, is a better collection residing in the full spectra of interesting, fun, specious and creepy.  It made for an enjoyable hour of reading.

Link: The 5th Annual Year in Ideas - New York Times.


Published: December 11, 2005

This issue marks the fifth anniversary of what is becoming a venerable tradition at the magazine: The Year in Ideas. As always, we seek to gain some perspective on what has transpired since January by compiling a digest of the most noteworthy ideas of the past 12 months. Like the biographer Lytton Strachey surveying the Victorian Age, we row out over the great ocean of accomplishment and lower into it a little bucket, which brings up to the light characteristic specimens from the various depths of the intellectual sea - ideas from politics and science, medicine and law, popcorn studies and camel racing. Once we have thrown back all the innovations that don't meet our exacting standards, we find ourselves with the following alphabetical catch: 78 notions, big and small, grand and petty, serious and silly, ingenious and. . . well, whatever you call it when you tattoo an advertisement on your forehead for money.

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