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CERN readies world's biggest science grid

... and it uses Globus as the basis for its infrastructure.  An article sourced from Techworld.com.

Link: CERN readies world's biggest science grid.

For all the talk about grids from big IT vendors, virtually no suitable commercial tools were available to build the grid's infrastructure, according to project leader Les Robertson. Much of the data will be stored in Oracle Corp. databases, and a few of the sites use commercial storage systems, but the hardest part -- building the middleware to operate the grid -- was left largely to Robertson and his peers.

"It's surprised me a bit that there haven't been more commercial tools available to us. What we're building is not very specialized; we're just creating a virtual clustered system, but on a large scale and with a very large amount of data," he said.

Instead, CERN based its grid on the Globus Toolkit from the Globus Alliance, adding scheduling software from the University of Wisconsin's Condor project and tools developed in Italy under the European Union's DataGrid project. "This stuff comes from a lot of different places, it's very much a component-based approach," Robertson said.

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