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Slow Going On The Global Grid

I'm feeling extremely guilty tonight.  After three weeks of non-stop meetings, conferences (www.globusworld.com) and the inevitable barrage of meetings that are the result of conferences, I'm trying to catch up on my reading.  In the course of that effort, I came across this article by Aaron Ricadela of InformationWeek.

As I went through the article, noting the many points with which I agreed and those few about Globus with which I didn't agree, I thought... "Now why didn't Aaron and I not talk about this?"   

And then I realized that I'd received a voicemail somewhere in the blur of the past few weeks from Aaron.  (We'd spoken by phone in December after Univa was announced in the press.)  I didn't return the call. Shame, shame on me.

Aaron, I owe you.

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