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Open source progresses into back-end integration

Now it starts to get interesting... an open source ESB.  I'd like to understand a bit better how Iona distinguishes its Artix product from the Celtix open source offerings.

Link: Open source progresses into back-end integration | Tech News on ZDNet.

The intention of Celtix is to create a low-end, freely available integration product that adheres to Java standards. A standards-based integration server, which use messages to carry data between different programs, is called an enterprise service bus.

The Celtix software is a subset of an Iona product called Artix, which links together existing computing systems, said Eric Newcomer, Iona's chief technology officer. ObjectWeb expects to release the Celtix software by the end of the year.

By creating an open-source project, Iona intends to encourage the use of ESBs over proprietary integration software. And because Celtix and Artix are based on the same code and have a similar method for creating add-ons, Iona hopes to lure customers to its high-end product as their needs grow, Newcomer said.

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