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Sun Dangles SOA Service Registry

Can Sun make a serious run at the Service Registry for those in the business that are not already tied to Sun's approach to SOA?  Is there a coziness between the Sun Service Registry and Microsoft's Web services offerings, particularly in the service management arena?

Link: Sun Dangles SOA Service Registry.

The Sun Service Registry software offers a central repository to help users discover, use and, if necessary, reuse Web services. The utility manages services across systems that employ various vendor software pieces, supporting both UDDI (define) version 3 and ebXML Registry 3.0 standards.

The registry allows users to manage Web services, based on pre-set policies, from the time they are created until users are ready to be dispose of them. The software also includes a compartment to store metadata about the services. This helps specific transactions be easily found.

Ashesh Badani, group manager for SOAs at Sun, said the metadata storage and Web services lifecycle management are what separates Sun's Service Registry from products from rivals such as Systinet, IBM, Microsoft, HP and others.

"Our contention is that for true SOA governance, you need more than just the discovery of and access to Web services, you need the lifecycle management services and metadata management," Badani said in an interview.

The software is the latest move by the systems vendor to help customers corral and integrate myriad computing components under a service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOAs are frameworks for reusable code and services that facilitate Web services (define) transactions across disparate networks.

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