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Platform, Macrovision Announce Grid Licensing Solution

Along with the management of infrastructure resources -- a virtualization of compute, storage and communication resources -- there's clearly a big issue involving the management and optimal use of the application software resources for which the IT organization has licenses.

This is an interesting offering which, if both functional and performant, will start to challenge the licensing (or, rather, the pricing) models by application SW vendors and those who provide application platforms.

Link: Platform, Macrovision Announce Grid Licensing Solution.

Platform Computing and Macrovision Corp. announced a new solution aimed at dynamic and intelligent license optimization in Grid computing environments. Platform and Macrovision are working together to deliver a complete solution for optimizing license scheduling within an enterprise, removing a key barrier to widespread Grid adoption and ultimately helping companies maximize the value of their software.

The solution is a direct result of keen customer interest in a comprehensive license management system that makes Grid implementation possible for a wider range of enterprise environments. The integration of Platform and Macrovision's products enables the highest degree of dynamic license management and policy-based control ensuring optimal license utilization and effective usage reporting and analytics. Developed through the long-standing relationship between the two companies, the solution will consist of Platform LSF License Scheduler and Platform LSF Analytics products, integrated with Macrovision's FLEXnet Manager product through the just announced FLEXnet Connector (please see "Platform, Macrovision Optimize Grid Software Licensing" in June 20 issue of GRIDtoday).

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