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Informatica & DataSynapse

In a press release this week, DataSynapse and Informatica announced a partnership agreement whereby DS's GridServer technology will support the Informatica PowerCenter data integration platform.

DataSynapse has to expand its market beyond their successful foray into the financial services sector. Business intelligence, drafting behind partners like Informatica, seems a sensible approach to me.

Link: DataSynapse Helps Deliver Enhanced Grid Computing Capabilities to Informatica's Leading Data Integration Platform

The agreement will enhance the deployment of PowerCenter in service-oriented IT environments where heterogeneous system resources are pooled and allocated as needed to satisfy computing demand. Informatica's PowerCenter empowers customers to cost-effectively scale their data integration processing across such pooled resources. An interface with GridServer provides added flexibility to coordinate PowerCenter workloads with other applications on the grid. The result is a more agile, scalable and manageable IT infrastructure that speeds application processing time for improved throughput and productivity.

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