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Open source ESB progress

A quick article in InfoWorld just before Christmas noted that the Celtix open source ESB has passed a third milestone. Of most interest (to me) is the support for WS-Addressing and the WSDL <-> Java conversions.

Link: Open source ESB makes strides

Iona Technologies and ObjectWeb on Thursday said the Celtix open source enterprise service bus (ESB) now compares favorably with commercial ESBs, based on a milestone that has been reached.

The milestone, called Milestone 3, covers transport support, specification compliance and usability. Celtix is intended to provide an open source Java ESB runtime for use in SOA.

"The Celtix community has delivered robust JMS (Java Message Service) support and this, combined with the other features made available in Milestone 3, gives end users a powerful and cost-effective ESB to support their SOA and other integration projects," said Carl Trieloff, director of open source programs at Iona, in a prepared statement released to the press." ...

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