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S-a-a-S requirements for scalability and continuity

I'm not sure why people are surprised that outages still occur at service providers like Salesforce.com and TypePad. It does make for "good" tech journalism, in that it provides the journalist with a couple of hooks to warn the readership of both the wonders of Software as a Service (S-a-a-S) and its perils.

The point is this: scaling for the highly successful S-a-a-S provider is hard, and continuity is terribly important. What's not clear to the provider in advance of a move or a data center upgrade is the degree to which they need to prepare (and then pay for) business continuity. This is one of the areas Univa hopes to address by deploying Univa Globus Enterprise as part of a "lower cost" / higher performance approach to continuity and failover.

Link: Week of crashes highlights on-demand peril |

InfoWorld | News | 2005-12-21 | By Stacy Cowley, IDG News Service


Salesforce.com is being tight-lipped about the roots of Tuesday's outage. A software problem with one of Salesforce.com's database clusters caused the service to be intermittently unreachable for some customers for about six hours, according to Bruce Francis, Salesforce.com's vice present of corporate strategy. Salesforce.com does not yet know the extent of the outage, he said.


Salesforce.com's blackout followed similar downtime from other "software as a service" providers. Six Apart Ltd.'s TypePad blog hosting service went down for the day last Friday following a failed storage upgrade. Affected customers included Major League Baseball's MLB.com site, which hosts all of its blogs with TypePad. In addition, the del.icio.us bookmark-sharing service that Yahoo Inc. just bought suffered days of problems last week after its data center lost power. ...

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