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Movin' on up

An interesting article on the speed at which the various providers of execution virtualization are predicting and acting upon "hypervisors as commodity." The actions they're taking are worth noting: blow by the creation of a big-margin business around hypervisors, and focus on the management of the virtualization infrastructure and/or their application.

Link: Xen Pushes Virtual Software Battle Upstream

As Xen 3.0 and other open-source offerings like OpenVZ threaten to commoditize the core-virtualization stack, all virtualization firms, including VMware and XenSource, are focusing their commercial attentions higher up the stack.

XenSource, for example, is bypassing the core platform market altogether and instead will try to make money on an advanced virtualization management platform called XenOptimizer. The commercial offering, set to be available early this year, provides advanced virtualization capabilities for the Linux data center, the company said. A Windows version is possible but company executives would not elaborate on its long-term plans.

The Xen 3.0 engine will provide the core virtualization capabilities and XenOptimizer will offer advanced services including physical-to-virtual conversions, drag-and-drop provisioning of virtual servers, zero downtime maintenance and centralized monitoring and fine-grained control of CPU, memory, network and storage resources, all through a centralized dashboard. ...

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