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Government and our choice

Barry Schwartz at PC Forum: Choice is good. Interesting that, in the US, most persons when discussing the merits of this country and the meaning of "freedom", rarely mention the fact that they get to choose the government. "And let me say, that in the US, one area in which we do not have ENOUGH choice is in our political parties and elective choice."

If our choice is meant to be a statement of who we are and a representation of our individuality, the choice of government is and should be a high-profile, extremely important marker. We are, as a rule, ticked off when our choice (of car, clothes, etc.) becomes common... When the next door neighbor shows up with the same car, since it reduces my personal sense of individuality, of being special. Why aren't we more outraged by the dearth of choices we have in electing/selecting our government?

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