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Transactional Cloud DB

EnterpriseDB seems to be making some interesting moves with the announcement of their offering.  I'm not sure I understand how they both scale and transactional DB functionality with any kind of service level assurance.  But, I'm all ears...

Another Amazon 'cloud' database, but this one will be Oracle-compatible

EnterpriseDB plans in March to start beta-testing an online version of its Oracle-compatible database that will leverage Amazon.com Inc.'s Web-based computing and storage services.

The EnterpriseDB Advanced Server Cloud Edition will be much more powerful than the SimpleDB Web database that Amazon itself plans to offer, claimed Bob Zurek, the Edison, N.J.-based software vendor's chief technology officer.

Zurek added that EnterpriseDB, which bases its commercially licensed software on the open-source PostgreSQL database, will offer a new pricing model that will help it compete with Oracle Corp.'s databases and the MySQL open-source technology that Sun Microsystems Inc. recently agreed to buy.

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