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The Hybrid Access Network and Disaster Recovery

I've enjoyed listening to and reading Dan Kusnetzky for some time, having first encountered him while I was starting up Univa and he was at IDC.  Given the Replicate Technologies' (RT) emphasis on providing a uniform view of the physical - virtual hybrid network, I find myself reading his blog more carefully.  (Hmm... physical-virtual hybrid network ... We definitely need a terminology doctor for THAT one.)

I was looking over his recent post, and got excited when, in the first paragraph, he identifies the role of virtualization in disaster recovery (DR) strategy, and the importance of managing addresses and configuration.  The let-down, however, was that after making that important statement, the remainder of the post was mostly about remediation ... problematic manual processes and reactive automation for optimally re-purposing resources.  I hope that he follows up on the theme.  It's perhaps time for us to have a conversation about how we at RT view the importance of network addressing, storage addressing and the configuration of the hybrid access network.

Disaster recovery means rolling back the clock | Virtually Speaking | ZDNet.com

A Kusnetzky Group client and I had a rather intense discussion about the role virtualization technology could play in a disaster recovery strategy. Although the strategy this organization was currently pursuing appeared to be based upon sound foundations, it didn’t go far enough. This organization really didn’t have a plan to address the need to change network addresses, storage addresses and a number of other configuration issues found in the physical world. ... (my emphasis)

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I'd love to chat with you about your views on the subject. As you might suspect, this post is part of a broader view of the subject. You'll find the whole paper here: http://kusnetzky.net/links.jsp

Dan K
Jan 5, 2008 at 8:32PM | Unregistered CommenterDan K

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