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Cisco and the vSwitch - the Sergio Leone Treatment

Good post by Alan Murphy.  Worth a full read, particularly his take on "the good", "the possibly great, possibly not", and "the terrible."  His call for an enterprise-class virtual switch certainly resonates with me.

Cisco, VMworld, & the vSwitch: Half Good, Half "Run Away From Converged Switches!" | The Virtual Data Center

So my recommendation to Cisco would be: Stick with what you do really well, L2-L4 IP networking, and let the people that do storage networking well do storage networking. By all means extend that L2-L4 knowledge and expertise into the virtual platform arena by working with VMware on building a usable and robust vSwitch, but stop there. We need a virtual data center platform that includes an enterprise-class virtual switch. But on storage…there’s already going to be a push towards storage VM appliances in the next few years; let them fail on their own without you mudding up the waters by trying to manage the storage network underneath that.  ...

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