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VMware's Growth Phases

Interesting article by George Gilbert and Juergen Urbanski at TechStrategy Partners. What drew my attention is the thoughtful discussion of growth phases for VMware (and, by association, Microsoft) as the waves of virtualization are driven by the revised charter and different value propositions.

Is VMware’s Hyper-Growth Phase Over? « Transitioning From The Enterprise To Web 2.0

Everyone knows the story about the server consolidation opportunity. The biggest misconception though is that the high growth story is done because Microsoft has commoditized server virtualization technology. What is really going on is that there are multiple waves of functionality continuing to penetrate the installed base of servers. Roughly in descending order of immediacy, these waves include server consolidation, business continuity, desktop virtualization, data center automation, and cloud virtualization. These new waves greatly expand the addressable market for server virtualization because VMware is democratizing functionality that often exists in other markets at much higher cost and complexity. ...

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