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On the Approach Path to RDA 1.0

The past few weeks at Replicate Technologies have been a combination of intense concentration and confident, regular progress.  It's a real tribute to the team and the  development process that everything has been showing up on time, and with the highest quality.  We can now state categorically that we have a product. 

We're quite pleased with the outcome.  The first-customer-ship (FCS) version of the Replicate Datacenter Analyzer (RDA 1.0) arrived on schedule last week.  The new website is up, and includes the first of a set of short webcasts to provide introductions and tutorials.  We've instituted an "early access" program, limited to a modest set of users, in order to test out our back office and support processes. Based on our experience so far, we should be in full commercial availability as scheduled in a few weeks. 

If you'd like to see what we've been up to for the past 12 months, stop by the site and, in particular, check out the short webcast introduction to RDA.  There are still openings available in the Early Access program, so contact us to find out how your virtualized datacenter can benefit from improved reliability, availability and decreased management effort.

Replicate Technologies

Unlike other products that simply track individual configuration item changes over time, Replicate Datacenter Analyzer (RDA) builds up a comprehensive model of your virtualized datacenter. Combining empirical data from Replicate probes with configuration information derived from your existing system management tools, RDA constructs a unified view of your datacenter across all your administrative domains. Leveraging industry best practices, RDA identifies and corrects configuration problems, eliminating errors before they can cause downtime.


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