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VCritical and "free" Hyper-V

Just uncovered VCritical, a recently started blog by Eric Gray of VMware, "to provide commentary on virtualization and virtualization management.  The various meanings of “critical” appealed to me, hence the name VCritical." 

His writing style and sense of humor appeal to me.   While he's unabashedly pro-VMware, his employer, his points seem fair and well considered on any side he's taking.

This post caught my eye, and clarifies the Microsoft approach to V12N pricing.

VCritical · When does your “free” Hyper-V Server cost $1304?

If Hyper-V Server is free, how much should you pay to manage it?

The most current information available at this time is from a Microsoft blog post: Nexus SC: The System Center Team Blog : SMSE and VMM 2008 Updated Pricing Information - Effective November 2008.

If you read through that blog post you will discover that for every hypervisor managed by SCVMM you will owe Microsoft $1304. Or, you can opt to pay $1497 and also use the other System Center features.

Just remember this when you hear the “free, free, free” and the “management, management, management” rhetoric:

It’s actually one or the other, not both.

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