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Agile Development ... Up Close

Oren Teich, our VP in charge of Product, has put together a reflection on the tools and process we've used at Replicate Technologies to put our first product together.  If I needed a basis on which to become a true believer in agile development, this year's efforts at Replicate would do the trick.  I've been consistently and regularly amazed at the strides made and the quality of the output.  Oren, his team and the process he's put in place have been unbelievable.  His recounting of how a small company spends very modest amounts to get really quality systems is worth considering.

Ontic Oren » Living the ultimate online agile workflow

Over at my job, we’re just two weeks away from our first release! I thought this would be a great time to look back a little at our tools and process.
Overall, this set of tools has been fantastic.  We’ve spent right
around $5,000 for all the software.  That’s a significant chunk for a
small company like us, especially when there are such great free tools
all around, and I’d spend it again in a heartbeat.  The quality of
these products is just outstanding.

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