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RDA Rocks!

After his first foray with RDA, Eric Sloof of NTPRO.NL decided to use Replicate's RDA 1.0 as part of a course on  VMware installation and configuration.  Here's a portion of the report.  Gotta love that conclusion.

Replicate Technologies | RDA Rocks - NTPRO.NL

This week I’m delivering the famous VMware Install and Configure course at XTG in the Netherlands. At the end of the third day it’s time for VMotion. Three ESX servers are added to one Virtual Center server and the students have the task to make all their virtual machines VMotion compatible. I took this opportunity to upload the Replicate Technologies Datacenter Analyzer virtual appliances....
...  In my classroom [RDA found] an issue with one of the virtual machines. This machine functions as a router and is booted from a floppy. Besides that it’s connected to an internal only virtual switch. Definitely some show stoppers for VMotion. One of the virtual machines had CPU affinity, RDA didn’t report the affinity setting, [and] I posted a feature request at the [Replicate RDA] forum. In the screen dumps you can see my findings. To conclude: easy setup, fast results, RDA rocks.

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