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Chris Wolf Throws Down the Gauntlet

Chris Wolf of Burton Group is another voice in the group that calls for standards with respect to virtualizion's impact on security and compliance audit.  He restates the call from auditors looking for guidance, and a (typical ?) response from the vendor community to the effect: It's not my job.

So, he's much happier now that VMware has apparently made it their concern.

VMware Launches Site for Security and Compliance Auditors at ChrisWolf.com

I’m once again going to repeat my request to you - please get serious about providing guidelines and clarity for security auditors. They want your help. Without it, some will inevitably revert to enforcing full physical isolation within their organization’s virtual infrastructure, something which reduces consolidation density and undermines your TCO arguments. What do you say? If you’re serious about being a production-class virtualization platform, you need to publicly demonstrate how you are serious about security and compliance. The ball’s in your court.

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