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Duncan Epping on RDA 1.0

We continue to be delighted with the reactions to the Replicate Technologies Data Center Analyzer.  Duncan Epping of Yellow Bricks (and a tireless twitter citizen -- twitizen ??) has done us proud with the write-up of his experience with RDA. 

The best parts of this are two-fold: his recognition of the attention we've given to usability in all aspects of the product and his thoughtful inclusion of aspects that would enhance and improve the RDA in the future.  We can't ask for more than that!  Thanks, Duncan.

Replicate Technologies Datacenter Analyzer » Yellow Bricks

About a week ago Eric Sloof wrote about Datacenter Analyzer (RDA) by a company called Replicate Technologies. I think his blog title is a great caption of the product “RDA Rocks”. It does indeed.

The one thing that really stands out is the simplicity of implementing the product, their website claims 30 minutes and that’s exactly what it took me. (Could have been faster if I had a decent testing kit.) You just download the two virtual appliances and import them into your environment. One appliance (the probe) needs to be converted to a template and the other one just needs to be started up. ...

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