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Cameron Haight's CCBOE - Cloud Computing Board of Exchange

Cameron Haight of Gartner has an interesting post, with a thought that's crossed my mind more than a few times.  Ever since I came to believe in the portability of machine images and a standard form of description (e.g. the contents and instructions for deployment) like OVF, it's been a nice past-time to think about the byproducts.  My favorite is a marketplace, or possibly, a trading pit, in which the customer (consumer) of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) would shop for resources, based on an optimization profile.  Want to deploy a storage-intensive, multi-tier application? Who's got the best prices on storage with the necessary QoS?  Who's willing to bid for my "contract"?

The notion of a "utility" (as in utility computing) should have a notion of fungibility... perhaps several different flavors of it.   In the IaaS environment, the ability to shop for infrastructure resources or put them out for bid requires its own infrastructure.  Whether it leads to a commodities market scenario like mine, or the comparison shopping scenario (or both), is material for recreational speculation with an alcoholic beverage in hand.  I like Haight's notion of using UDDI for description and discovery.  His notion of comparison shopping for offers brings to mind images of looking for airfares on Expedia or Travelocity.  But I also think that there's a more responsive, flexible market mechanism that's likely to emerge in addition or as a complement.  Maybe that's the next startup to consider.

Thinking Aloud on Clouds

With several vendors to choose from that can run the same server image, I need to determine a criteria for selection. But wait .. how did I know “who” was out there that could host my server in the first place? I’m thinking that there needs to be some sort of registry that I could query perhaps ala UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) - which I don’t think ever really materialized at least along the concept of an “uber” Internet registry that was heavily talked about in the early SOA days. Then I need something else - price and QoS information. And I probably want this updated pretty frequently as perhaps in the future prices will fluctuate according to demand (along the lines of how airlines perform revenue or yield management to maximize their passenger capacity).  ...

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Well, I'm still holding out for brokerages and exchanges in computer resources in the next five years.

See http://blog.gardeviance.org/2007/07/jsops-buy-buy-buy.html

As for fungibility in the cloud - oh, well that reminds me of my awful habit of making up new words.

See http://blog.gardeviance.org/2007/08/sep-boundary-and-more-rough-thoughts.html

Good post.
Dec 1, 2008 at 9:33PM | Unregistered CommenterSimon Wardley

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