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Adjusting the risk/reward dial.

Running a small (... OK, Oren... tiny) startup means that during the week I run windsprints.  On Saturday mornings, catching up on Google Reader (1000+), I get to stroll leisurely through the RSS, while (in the background) all my machines backup to the NAS.

Reading this reminds me of the times I've thrown my lot in with a bare-metal startup. The post mentions serendipitous moments, and I can attest to the fact that you'll never encounter more of them than while doing a startup. It's one of the great pleasures. 

All stages of a company have benefits.  I continue to be most thrilled, enjoyably challenged, and most engaged at this stage.  This is the phase in which I learn most, and for which I have the warmest memories.  Wecome, Oren.

Link: Ontic Oren � Modifying my own risk/reward.

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