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HP's Data Center Transformation ... don't forget the network.

Reading through some of the articles commenting about HP's announcement of the their Data Center Transformation initiative, I came across this rather odd bit from Arthur Cole at IT Business Edge. He mentions that he's had the opportunity to speak with John Bennett, WW Director of Data Center Transformation Solutions at HP. After setting the stage for the conversation, he makes the point that, too often, data center refurbishments are done to meet short-term goals, and distinguishes HP's approach as being a good deal more strategic.

“Rather than think of it as one massive project, we’ll develop a strategic view first, and then use individual projects over time to build out the next-generation data center,” Bennett said. “You’ll achieve your tactical objectives on particular projects, but you’ll also lay out the foundation for years of compounded returns.”

Sounds right, and then Cole points out what, to him, seems problematic.

... About the only flaw in the plan that I can see is a lack of network support. With server, storage and virtualization as part of the mix, I was a bit surprised when Bennett said he hasn’t had many dealings with HP’s networking unit. It seems unlikely that a series of ProCurve switches couldn’t be brought in should the need arise, although that need could be substantial given the level of virtualization and consolidation that uses are likely to require. It might make sense to make networking a more integral part of the strategy.

(.... pregnant pause..... raised eyebrow.)

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You make a correct statement pointing out that tools that implement a proper design are great for easing deployments, enforcing standards, and ensuring security.

That being said, even the best tool can be improperly used if proper planning and design is not done.

Mar 18, 2008 at 1:13AM | Unregistered CommenterColin McNamara
Colin,I couldn't agree with you more. Blind reliance on any tool without planning and design is a recipe for disaster. It's a combination: use of tools for design and planning by someone who knows what they're doing and what the user's requirements are. Then it's the deployment of management systems to adapt to changes, reduce complexity and report on issues that require attention.
Mar 18, 2008 at 2:15AM | Unregistered CommenterRich Miller

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